Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I haven't really had any song call out to me over the last few days so I have decided to post my all time favourite song.

This beautiful song is from the musical 'Company' by Stephen Sondheim and in the show it is actually a man's number. Bernadette Peters is, in my humble opinion, the true owner of this song though. Her version is heartbreaking in its longing, she makes you feel the loneliness behind the song. I was lucky enough to see her perform this number at the 'Hey Mr Producer' concert and she is so powerful live. It is such a treat that both that concert and her own solo concert are available to buy on CD and DVD.
I am including another version for comparison here as I find it quite interesting that this actress has managed to take a song of loneliness and longing and somehow made it seem like one of hope as if she is talking about an existing love.

I shall be posting more performances from Helen Sjöholm soon as the second of my all time favourite songs is a perfomance from her and truly wonderful.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Perfect Saturday treat

I have to give big thanks to BBC2 for showing a classic Fred and Ginger film every Saturday for the last few weeks. You can't beat tap dancing round the kitchen whilst making lunch (well it works for me). I love this number but I can't find any footage of Ginger actually singing it from the film so I'm adding 2 clips today, one singing and one dancing.

These films never lose their appeal for me. The dancing is still as fabulous now in our big budget big effect days. You can't beat talent. This Irving Berlin number is so happy that you just can't help dancing along. There are other lovely versions of it but for me today is a celebration of Fred and Ginger. This clip is from their 1936 musical 'Follow the Fleet'.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Dedicated to all my artist friends

It took me a while to decide what to post today. A big part of me wanted to go with a classic but this song has been popping into my head all day and that is what this blog is about, the song that speaks to me on the day.

Not sure if it really counts as a musical, though the original film does! This show was such a big part of my childhood and I love this song. I think I'm going to dig out the DVD box set and have a mini marathon tomorrow. I want to dedicate it today to all the self employed artists out there. It's a hard world to be in and self belief is sometime all that you have.
Oh and I wish my legs would do that!!!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Celebrate - It's today!!

An upbeat one to get the day going. I love the sentiment of this song, We're here and that's enough reason to celebrate. It's a shame that this clip is so fuzzy but it is worth celebrating this performance.
This song is from the fabulous show 'Mame' by the wonderful Jerry Herman. It opened on Broadway in 1966 with Angela Lansbury in the title role. This clip is from the 1983 revival.
Unfortunately the film version made the mistake of casting a 'name' rather than the person best for the role (a mistake modern musical film producers still seem to be making - come on guys, have confidence in your show and cast some talent) I wish that recordings were made of all original cast productions for sale after the show has closed because we have lost so many wonderful performances over the years.
I was lucky enough to meet Jerry Herman once after a review show of his work in London, a brief moment that I treasure. I really wish that one day I will be able to see Angela Lansbury perform live but Broadway is just that little bit too far away.
I thoroughly recommend buying the complete soundtrack of Mame if you love a 'feelgood' musical.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Opening Number

It seems only right to start this blog with one of the greatest Musical Theatre performers of all time. There are such a wealth of fabulous songs to pick but this one called out to me today. The music is by Charlie Chaplin from his 1936 film 'Modern Times'. Lyrics were added in 1954 by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons. It has been covered by so many wonderful artists but today I chose Judy :)
I love both the melody and lyrics of this song and the simple message that a smile can get you through anything.